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Your Essential Guide To The Best Danksgiving Ever

It’s that special time of year. Friends and family gather together for that time-honored tradition of sharing what they’re thankful for — and this year, there’s much to be thankful for in the realm of marijuana legalization. It’s a Danksgiving for sure, folks.

For a warm and cozy gathering of cannabis community lovers, take these tips from the Fresh Toast to heart.

Sharing Is Caring


The whole point of Danksgiving is sharing your bounty with friends old and new. Bring your favorite strain or batch of edibles, for the weed potluck of the year. If you can come prepared to educate your friends on the differences between strains, even better! Learn more about what to use for energizing a dark and chilly night, or if it’s that kind of party, strains that set a sexy mood.

Bring High-Enhancing Foods

If you and your friends are experienced cannabis consumers looking to take your communal high to the next level, bring one of your favorite THC-enhancing foods and drinks along. Items like curry, coffee, and beer can complement the high, without including more cannabis in themselves — making them inclusive for the designated drivers or those not partaking for their own reasons.

Seriously, Bring a Bag of Mangoes


It’s not just folk wisdom from your friend’s cool uncle: Mangos really do enhance the high you’re already feeling. Mangoes are full of myrcene, a terpene that interacts with THC,  strengthening and lengthening the euphoria. Pass around the diced mangoes or mango salsa 45 minutes before your pals light up, and enjoy the evening,

Take It Slow

When the conversation is flowing along with the wintery ales, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve puffed and how much you’ve passed. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and you don’t want to be guilty of the saddest party foul: Getting so high that you pass out in the middle of the party and miss the festivities. If you do go that far, however, don’t panic. Follow our guide for getting yourself right after reaching a little too far for the stars.

BYOB — Butter, That Is


Cannabutter is the magically delicious ingredient that’s necessary for baking so many edible treats, from the ultimate weed brownie to a more festive pumpkin-themed treat. Never made cannabutter before? We’ve got you covered: Check out the Fresh Toast guide to making great cannabutter.

Don’t Forget Your Favorite Glassware, Or Paper Goods

As unique as your strain-preferences might be, your preferred method for THC-to-brain transport might be an even greater statement of personality. Take this chance to show off your favorite bowl, bong, or rolling papers.

Get Crafty


If you were a college dorm toker, you probably already know how to make a bong out of almost anything. Apple from the cafeteria? Easy. Soda can? Duh. Put a festive twist on your Danksgiving by making pumpkin bongs! Buy a few big pumpkins, or a whole bunch of mini decorative pumpkins, and get your autumnal bong on. 

Be The Netflix Password Hero

Or Amazon Prime, Hulu, whatever floats your streaming TV boat — be ready to supply entertainment to veg out to. Use our handy guide for must-watch-while-high television shows to get you started.


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