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5 Serious Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner

Finding the motivation to work out can be tough if you’re doing it alone, which is why we recommend finding a workout buddy to keep you in line. And who could be a better workout buddy than your significant other? It’s a great chance to spend some time with them that isn’t a normal date or family obligation, plus it’ll help you both stay fit.

Below are five examples of great workouts for couples.

Hook Squats

This one, as suggested by Fitness Magazine,  seems simple enough. Just stand back to back with your partner, squat down, and then slowly walk together in a circle before circling back. Three or so sets should work.

Pull & Release Seated Row

Muscle and Fitness recommends this exercise, which will target your back and biceps and only requires a towel and some floor space. First sit facing your partner with the bottoms of your feet toughing and your back straight. Each of you should be holding one end of the towel as you alternate pulling the towel towards you while the other slowly releases on a three-count, sort of like a game of seated tug of war.

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Partner Push-ups

Assume the standard push-up position and have your partner stand over top of you. As you push up, your partner should apply slight—or significant, if you’re real strong—pressure for added resistance. Do as many as you can, then do two more sets of the same number.

Crisscross Crunches

Like partner push-ups, this one is a twist on a standard workout. Sit across from your partner in a regular sit-up position but intertwine your legs with each other. Then alternate standard crunches. To spice things up, maybe bet on who can do more in a row without stopping.


Curtis MacNewton/Flicker

Even if you run at different speeds, having someone jog with you is a great way to push yourself. Instead of settling for two or three miles, now you might go four or five. Instead of a ten-minute mile, maybe you’ll run one in nine.


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