Tuesday, July 23, 2024

YouTube Unveils Streaming Service That Could Change The Way We Watch TV

The YouTube subscription service will cost 35 dollars a month and will offer a package that’ll be available to stream through the web, taking advantage of the fact that many people have decided to part ways with cable TV.


With Youtube TV the company joins many others, like Sony and AT&T, that’ve tried to come up with new and better ways for users who don’t want to keep paying 100+ dollars for channels that they don’t even watch. Sony Vue, Sling TV, and AT&T’s DirecTV NOW are some of the streaming services that are available at the moment, with rumors of Hulu’s and Amazon’s new streaming services joining them soon.

The main problem with these subscription services are the glitches that they’re known for having, especially during high profile events and shows where a lot of people tune in and expect a similar experience like the one you’d get with cable TV. While cable is crazy expensive and includes a bunch of channels you’ve probably never even heard of, there’s no risk of you missing out on anything important, like say the most important touchdown of the game or the moment where they announce best picture at the Oscars.  

These issues are to be expected considering that these streaming services are amongst the first of their kind. Youtube TV has a great opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge that they have over their competitors, use it to improve their interface, and succeed on taking out cable once and for all. They’re also one of the few companies out there that have had direct experience with successful live online videos, which should give them an edge.

Youtube TV will offer basic channels like CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC, which include some of their popular affiliated cable channels like ESPN, Fox News and MSNBC. Of course, for the price of 35 bucks, Youtube’s streaming service won’t be able to include some of the best shows and programs out there, provided by premium channels like HBO, CNN, Comedy Central and AMC. You can’t win them all. 


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