Thursday, February 22, 2024

2016 Shellshock? These 5 Tiny Pups In Warm Baths Will Make It Better

The year is almost over and sometimes, it feels like we want to stay in bed all day watching Christmas movies while eating junk food, instead of going to work and being a productive human being. During these times of struggle, we could all do with a pick me up, something to help us take our minds out of that slump and reinvigorate us.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of short videos that you can sneak in at any time during the day, showing puppies during their bathtime because that is maximum cute. If this therapeutic set of videos doesn’t relax you and make you feel better, then your problem is much more serious than you originally thought.

This video really makes us struggle, we don’t know whether we want to be that puppy or if we want to be holding him. He’s enjoying himself so much that his neck might give out at any moment.

This puppy is also super relaxed, enjoying his deep tissue massage provided by that water stream. Don’t worry, we’re also screaming with our mouths shut.

Is the person who’s holding the puppy crying? We feel you.

This video should be nominated for best short film at the Academy Awards but we digress. While the young labs look like they’re a little cold and not having a lot of fun, they look unbelievably cute.

This video has a little bit of everything, some snappy music, a very relaxed puppy and a bonus of fun shower hair-dos.


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