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Listen: Best Selling Cannabis Author Releases New Song About Sexual Misconduct

Earlier this year, 28-year-old Fresh Toast contributor and best-selling cannabis book author Javier Hasse was featured on NowThis after dropping a heavy-hearted, strongly worded public service announcement on cannabis legalization in an album that hit eight different Billboard Charts (including the #1 spot on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #9 on Rap Charts, and #11 on Independent Charts, among others).

The Whoodlum Ball, as the album was titled, was a collaborative, independent record produced by recurring billboard-topping duo Smith and Hay, alongside DJ Whoo Kid and Ranna Royce. The LP featured legacy rappers including Wu-Tang’s RZA & Inspectah Deck, Twista, Lil Windex, Riff Raff, Cyhi The Prynce, Faincarter, Compton’s Most Wanted’s MC Eiht, The Wake Up Show’s King Tech, Parliament-Funkadelic’s Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey, Iliana Eve, and Eminem’s artists Kxng Crooked and Conway.

“I was in the shower one day and thought I’d get creative in my pitch to get an interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda – which I didn’t get, by the way,” Hasse told The Fresh Toast, talking about how his poem came to be.

“However, I showed the rap to a friend, who happened to also be a Senator, and he had me perform at a dinner cruise after a medical cannabis event in Pittsburgh.

“Jon Hay heard it and asked me if he could put it, as it was, in his upcoming album. I was instantly on board; being on an LP alongside some of my favorite rappers of all time like RZA and Twista seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he added.

With no beat on the background, Hasse delivered a live spoken-word highlighting some of the main reasons to support cannabis legalization, from economic factors, to political statements, to healthcare, to racial issues.

Jail Tattoos

Today, Hasse is at it again, with a new track on Jail Tattoos, the latest album produced by Jonathan Hay and Ranna Royce featuring Bizarre of D12.

Other big names on the album include Slim Jesus Sadat X from Brand Nubian, T-Rell, Louie Gonz and DJ Manipulator, Mike Smith, Chino XL, Bubba Sparxxx, Cyhi The Prynce and Felcia from Mo Thugs.

Fortunately, Hasse decided to share his new song, Letter Of Consentwith The Fresh Toast for us to premiere.

“Jon Hay reached out a couple of months ago and said he was producing a new album. He asked if I had another song for him… I didn’t,” Hasse said. “But I promised I’d have something ready within a week. Since I had already written about cannabis, I thought I’d go for the other topic I’m really passionate about: feminism.

“So I sat down with some female friends and asked them what they thought were topics I had to include in a song. I then wrote it, and went to my good friend Alan Senderowitsch of Cromo Musica and asked him to create a beat and record me. We spent a day in the studio and came up with a very old-school rap. Once ready, we went to Jon Hay and showed him what we had. He updated the beat completely and got Goldy Locks in the studio to add a hook.”

So, without further a due, here’s Letter Of Consent, and the lyrics below. Using headphones or speakers is strongly encouraged – gotta have that base.

Letter Of Consent

Hi men, do you like violence? (Yeah!)
Wanna end up with no friends, no girl, and shunned by society?
Join an “elite” club with Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein?
Lose your fucking job, settle for millions like Bill O’Reiley?
She’s not your date,
If she can’t get her head straight. Make sure she’s awake.
Consent’s a fucking mandate!
Abstain, just refrain.
There’s no gain in pain, I’ll say it again.
There’s no gain in pain.
Since age twelve, you’ve loved Louis C.K.
Cause he said all the nasty stuff you never dared say yourself.
Then he jerked off in front of the wrong folks
And guess what?
It’s still rape… I’ve counted the fucking votes!
We all know, we make fucking “stroke” jokes
We say It’s a hoax, hope it is all smoke.
Well let me provoke you, invoke the law.
Consent is the fucking key. Come on, bro!
That P.E. teacher who thought that by senior high
It was fine to hit on students.
That guy was just fucking vile.
bone fide sex offender
A certified child molester
The way that he addressed her
That time that he caressed her
Stroked her, touched her, like California white fur
That’s not rare. It’s unfair, but standard as Budweiser.
Fifty percent of the world fucking fears you
You just found out, but it’s been going on since the year Two
Or even before… since the Holy Spirit came to Mary
And without even asking, decided to make a baby.
Guess she couldn’t abort.
He was the son of the Lord.
“Don’t mind her, she’s just a whore
Delivering’s just a chore
The clothes that that lady wore
She knew what she was in for
Don’t underscore the décor
She lacked when she washed ashore.”
I got one more for you.
This one’s all about the Franklins
About women at work, taking nothing but a spanking
Never banking on their ranking, no one thanking them for handling
All that shit, it’s simply dazzling.
It’s just baffling, pretty saddening.
We’re changing now,
Oh while men cling to their power,
Acting nervous, disempowered,
Fearing they will get devoured.
We’re about to hit the hour.
So get ready.
It’s the era of the women,
Flower power, no more cowards.


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