Thursday, June 20, 2024

Watch This Vape Artist Put On The Ultimate Smoke Show

Did you know vape artistry was a thing? It is, and perhaps no one is better at it than vape artist Austin Lawrence.

E-cigarettes are nothing new, but promoting yourself on Instagram sure is. It’s how Lawrence caught the attention of Vman, which highlights the young man in their current issue.

The New Jersey native began his relationship with smoking by way of traditional cigarettes, later transitioning to hookah and, finally, vaping. So, what drew Lawrence to the hobby that’s now become his primary form of artistic expression? Mostly the imaginative flavors. To wit: Lawrence’s preferred oils are fried Oreo, blueberry, and citrus-passion fruit.

Lawrence owns a vaping shop with his brother, but when he’s not working, he’s practicing his art form. He tells the magazine:

People are always saying they think I’m using crazy nicotine levels or that it’s a cigarette. They think just because you’re blowing out a big cloud that it’s automatically horrible. Honestly, since I stopped smoking cigarettes, I’ve had a lot better breathing and mobility in general. There’s a lot of misconceptions about vaping.

He says the e-liquid he’s inhaling is confusing for a lot of people:

It’s not really water vapor, actually. It’s the ingredients that make up the juice: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (unless you’re not using nicotine), and then flavoring. A lot of people think it’s inhaling a bunch of water and that you’ll get pneumonia and stuff. So, I guess it’s not a water vapor; it’s an oil vape.

Check out Vman for a killer slideshow. And you can you catch Lawrence in action on Instagram and here:


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