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What You Need To Know About This Cat With A Dinosaur Haircut

It's reportedly one of the salon's most popular cuts.

Dinosaur Haircut
Screenshot via ViralHog/Youtube

In Maha Sarakham, Thailand, tons are cats are strolling around with haircuts that make them look like dinosaurs, if the owner of one pet grooming salon is to believed. A video posted to YouTube shows a cat with its sides shaved and ridges carved along its spine to make it appear like a stegosaurus.

“I’m the owner of a pet shop and groomers, this is one of the most fashionable cat hair styles,” the video’s poster wrote on YouTube.

While we can’t independently verify the owner’s claims, we like to imagine that it’s true and that there are thousands of dino-cats running around the streets of Maha Sarakham. We also hope the trend someday extends to dogs and other fury pets.

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