Wednesday, June 12, 2024

This Guy’s Selfies With Animals Will Make You Feel Like All Is Well With The World

Taking good selfies can be a difficult talent to master. There are those who are naturally blessed with long arms and with the knowledge of which side of their face is their best side but, for most of us, taking a good selfie involves trial and error, and a whole lot of awkwardness.


Allan Dixon is an Irish Instagrammer and photographer who has achieved notoriety due to his unbelievable selfies with all sorts of animals. With over 375 thousand followers, he blesses our dashes with gorgeous images of landscapes with a side of the most adorable grinning animals you can imagine.

Dixon has the amazing talent of approaching all sorts of animals and making them feel comfortable enough so that he can snap the perfect image at the right time. The following photos can be depressing if you’ve ever tried to have a serious photo shoot with your pet.

This little cutie, called a quokka, is featured in a lot of Dixon’s photos. It can be found in some areas of Australia and it’s surrounding islands.

Lambs are normally scurry and difficult to pet, but not with Dr. Doolittle here.

Matching grins dude.


I’m back in Australia catching up with some old friends ? Super exciting adventures ahead! #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

A photo posted by Allan Dixon – Adventurer (@daxon) on

Kangaroos are adorable when they’re not punching or kicking people around.

This one is not really a selfie, but we include it here just because it’s awesome.

Open wide and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?? This husky that just started an Instagram @lakelandhusky #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

A photo posted by Allan Dixon – Adventurer (@daxon) on

Not the most exotic animal on the list; still an amazing photo.


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