Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Smug-Ass Dolphin Snatches iPad From Deserving Victim

Most people know you shouldn’t use an iPad to take a photo anywhere, much less right next to the dolphin pen at SeaWorld. One woman didn’t know this but now she does, thanks to a quick-thinking dolphin that ripped the device from her hands and dragged it into his tank.

The woman quickly retrieved it and tried to walk away like nothing happened, but let’s face it: That iPad—and the woman’s day—are likely ruined.

The Fresh Toast staff had some internal debate about the dolphin’s smiling reaction, which you can see in the screenshot below. My initial take was that the dolphin was cool and good, and had earned the right to be happy; my editor and a fellow writer felt that he was being smug.

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Either way, he taught the woman—and all of us—a valuable lesson: never trust a dolphin.


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