Saturday, March 2, 2024

Wipeout: 5 Glorious Videos Of People Slipping On Ice

As we noted earlier this week, walking on ice in the dead of winter can be both tricky and hilarious. As long as no one gets injured, few things are funnier than seeing someone failing to keep their footing as they try to do routine things over patches of ice. Here are some of the internet’s best clips of people eating it on ice.


Guy Falling For 9 Seconds While Trying To Shovel Snow

This video is exactly what it says it is: Nine seconds of a guy flailing while trying to shovel an icy patch of snow. It almost looks like he’s wrestling with some invisible demon or something. Eventually the man recovers his balance and begins to walk away unscathed.

Falling Kids On Ice

A classic of the genre, this nearly six minute long video consists of a dad sitting in his car outside of his daughter’s school recording kids as they keep on wiping out on the same patch of ice. “Okay, everybody’s been slipping on ice,” he says at the video’s start. Let’s see what those ladies do.” It takes about 15 seconds before the first kid falls; easily a dozen or so more fall before his daughter gets in the car and joins in the fun.

8 Minutes Of People Falling Over The Same Patch Of Ice

Much like the previous video, this is a clip of someone filming the same ice-covered area—in this case, part of a bridge—and waiting for people to fall. Practically everyone that walks over the bridge at least stumbles on the ice patch; of that group, many end up on their butt.

Ice Falls

The boringly-titled video above is 129 seconds of a group of people laughing at pedestrians as they fall while walking over the same icy patch of sidewalk.

Funny People Falling On Ice Compilation

This is a three-minute compilation of some of the better ice falls available on the internet. Our favorites are the ones in which people try to execute some cool ice slide, thinking incorrectly they’re in control when, of course, they aren’t and end up sprawled on the ground.

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