Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Learn To Relax With the Cool Animals From The Chill Wild Life Instagram Account

Life can be overwhelming. Between the stress of work and family, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of really matters: taking the time to actually relax and enjoy things, man. Which is why the Chill Wildlife account is so wonderful: It presents us with photos of extremely chill animals doing cool things.

Bustle reports the account was created by Jeff Hamada, a Japanese Canadian artist. Below are a few of our favorite Chill Wildlife photos and videos

Here’s a chill little dog really taking his time and enjoying a nice walk in the snow. He gets bonus points for his extremely good hat.

This remarkably relaxed rat kicking back and nibbling on some cheese should be an example for all of us.

Who doesn’t feel inspired after watching this beagle walk sooo slowly underneath this tasseled purse so it scratches his back?

Two buddies who absolutely don’t worry about the little things.

Someone please get this dog some free pizza.

Just a sheep and a dog who are good buds, hanging out with each other.

These chill dogs are here to offer emotional support for this very chill baby.

That’s the good stuff.

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