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College Student Receives Funny Note, Chocolate After Complaining About Neighbor’s Loud Sex

Living in a dorm can be hell. Loud parties when you’re trying to study, weird people visiting your weird roommates at weird hours, your friend Ben keeps stealing your good face wash, etc. There is also the problem of neighbors constantly having extremely loud sex, which is just what one Syracuse student decided she’d had enough of last week.

As the Daily Mail reports, Jenna Levine, 19, shared a note Twitter that she said she wrote to her loud-sex having neighbor. It reads: “Hello neighbor, Please have sex a little more quietly please. Some of us are trying to nap and not be reminded of how alone I am…feel free to make all the love you want. Just please, make it nasty at a lower volume. Thank you!”

It turns out being polite and self-deprecating in such a situation has it’s benefits, because the neighbor responded with a kind note of her own and a chocolate bar for Levine.

“Dearest neighbors, I’m so so incredibly sorry about that,” the note reads. “I didn’t realize how loud I was being, and ya know, sometimes having loud sex is low key kinda hot but obviously at your cost, which I apologize so sincerely for. I’m so so sorry, hope this hasn’t been occurring too often, and thanks so much for the incredible and hilarious card. I will for sure try to keep it nasty at a significantly lower level. And hey, don’t worry, you’re not alone forever. The right person will come along when the time comes. I was single for 18 years. Haha. Once again, I apologize so sincerely and deeply. Sorry, Room 338.”

The tweet has since gone viral, with more than 47,000 retweets and 120,000 likes.

Have you experienced a similar loud-sex story in your college dorm or apartment building? Let us know in the comments or shoot an email to!


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