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Watch: The Brawl Of The Century Went Down In A Taco Bell

This is one way to quit a job. It’s definitely not the best way, but it might be the most fun, in hindsight.

It’s no love at first taco, but it’s just as passionate: A woman who appears to be a recently-fired employee came into her old workplace to pick up her last check, and sparked a feud with her former manager at Taco Bell in this now-viral video. Tea dispensers fly, napkins are everywhere. No tacos seem to be harmed.

Warning, the language in these videos is extra spicy:

Part two is a bit more calm, but in part three, the cops arrive. For some reason, in this final act, the manager’s shirt is off and our girl is armed with a spatula.

Local news outlet KSAT reports:

The employee recording the ordeal collects the former employee’s personal items and as she is about to turn them over to officers, she turns around to see four officers swarming around the woman’s son in the Taco Bell parking lot, handcuffing him while he’s on the ground. An employee of the Taco Bell at 8630 West Farm to Market Road 78 in Converse said the incident did happen at that location, but could not provide any other information as to when the incident happened, what led up to the confrontation or if the individuals were still employed.

Throughout it all, a customer was allegedly waiting for their order at the drive-thru. Next time your order’s taking forever, feel free to let your imagination run wild with what’s happening inside — it can’t be weirder than this showdown.


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