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5 Cannabis Hacks To Make The Most Of COVID Winter

This winter, expect to spend more time than usual indoors. Here are 5 weed hacks that can help you make the most of this time.

Winter is fast approaching and it’s gonna be one to remember, for better or worse. With less incentive and options to go out and have fun, it looks like the majority of our time will be spent indoors. Smoking weed probably.

While you’ll hopefully spend your time doing a healthy mix of different activities, don’t beat yourself up if you end up smoking more weed than usual. It’s the holidays and it’s been a wild year. Here are 5 weed hacks you should use this winter:

Buy enough to keep you stocked up

While we should never hoard anything, having a sufficient stock of weed during the holiday season s a good investment. Buying anything during this time of the year is a pain and a hassle, made worse by the pandemic. Next time you visit your dispensary, buy enough to keep you stocked for a couple of weeks, that way you limit your level of exposure and can focus on other aspects of the holidays that are fun and also stressful.

Store it correctly

Businesses Are Better In States With Legal Marijuana
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When purchasing significant amounts of weed, it’s important to store it properly in order to not waste any money or product. Don’t store large amounts of weed in Ziploc bags, since they’ll lose all of their stickiness. Place your weed in mason jars, with airtight lids, and place them in areas where there’s no direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This will preserve the quality of your product without losing smell or flavor. Need more suggestions? Here are 8 Ways To Properly Store Marijuana For Freshness.

Have a comfortable smoking space

A good smoking space can transform your smoking experience. Whether that’s your bedroom or your couch, make the space comfy and inviting, someplace you’d be happy to spend hours on end. Make sure there’s a window nearby, that way the smell and air will clear out and that you wash nearby blankets and sheets with some regularity.

Stock up on healthy snacks

vegan cannabis fruit snacks
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The holidays are already a tough time on everyone’s waistline. If you’re the type of person who gets very intense munchies, save yourself some stress by stocking up on healthy snacks that can be stored and preserved. Limit the amount of junk foods you purchase, since they’ll look extra appetizing after you smoke a joint.

Build up your kief stash

Buy a grinder with an extra level on the bottom, perfect for storing kief. Build up your reserves and use these to add an extra kick to your joints. Your kief will build up naturally, without much work from you. Just be sure to store your grinder in a dark and cool space, that way the quality of the kief won’t be messed with. But first, What Is Kief And What To Do With It.


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