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How To Find Cannabis Content On TikTok

Weed TikToks are pretty monitored and difficult to find. Here’s some help you get you started.

Weed doesn’t have it easy on social media. Still, despite the censorship, if you know where to look, TikTok is a great space for getting all of the cannabis content you need, and probably something you didn’t even know you were into.

TikTok is one of the most informative and fun social media platforms in the world, having devoted followers of all ages. Cannabis TikTokers tend to touch upon a variety of topics, from funny memes, to more specific things, like teaching followers how to blow smoke rings, or learning how to manage a life with children while also being a regular smoker.

While it may take some time to learn what you want from the app, the more you’re exposed to this type of content, the better your algorithm will be. Here are 5 places you can find cannabis content on TikTok.

Use hashtags

TikTok Is Valuable For The CBD Industry
Photo by Kon Karampelas via Unsplash

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When talking about weed on social media, people are forced to get very creative. As usual, the best way to find new content is through hashtags. While the words “weed”, “cannabis”, and “marijuana” are regularly flagged, the hashtags #hitsblunt, #ouid, #w33d, #st0nertikt0k, #st0netok and #420 are filled with great TikToks, a mix of advice and memes that will distract you and, before you know it, consume plenty of your hours.

Get to know some accounts

TikTok Is Filled With Mental Health Advice — Here's Why You Should Be Careful
Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse via Unsplash

Finding good weed TikToks is not as easy as you’d think. Thanks to TikTok’s intense anti-cannabis guidelines, finding your niche on the app is more difficult than when discussing any other topic. Still, if you keep trying, you’ll find the stuff you like. Read on to find some good starting points:


@shesmokesjointsAccidentally posted this without sound when I went to save it as a draft lol 🙈♬ original sound – tate mcrae

If you’re looking for a fun slice-of-life account to follow, that also features regular weed smoking, SheSmokesJoints is a good place to start. The account is made up of fun and digestible videos that have a little bit of everything, like teaching you how to blow smoke rings (an important life skill), or simply listening to someone talk about their lives extensively, something that for some reason remains very cathartic.


@sativadiva1997 #thenanny #fypシ #foryoupage ♬ original sound – ✨🍃Sativa Diva (Kadija)🍃✨

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SativaDiva1997 is one of the best weed TikTok accounts to follow, with a series of takes called ‘Baked Takes,’ where she gets baked and covers a topic. Extensively. There’s a “Pushing Daisies” episode, a “The Nanny” episode, and lots more, waiting there to consume your hours and make you laugh with very silly stoned takes. It’s fun, it’s wholesome and you should follow her.


@indohgoddess🤣🤣♬ original sound – mini

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IndohGoddess provides a reliable stream of short and zippy weed content, making stuff that’s hilarious and relatable. You won’t regret following her.


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