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Little Known Supplies That Are Essential For Keeping Glass Accessories Clean

After your glass accessories have been properly cleaned with these items, don’t be surprised when they feel like entirely new devices!

One of the most effective ways to consume cannabis from both an economic and an enjoyment standpoint is with a nice bowl or bong. The problem is that when they aren’t cleaned properly, it can lead to toxins like mold and bacteria being inhaled.

Fortunately, there are numerous products available on the market that can help cannabis consumers keep their glass accessories looking and functioning as good as new. It’s likely that you’ll already have some of these items lying around the house already.  

Coarse Salt

Rock salt or epsom salt is essential in helping to make sure a bong is clean. The best practice for using coarse salt in the process of cleaning a bong is to ensure that the surface of the glass piece is submerged in the salt prior to soaking it in alcohol.

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Coarse salt is essential in helping to absorb and remove stubborn resin that builds up on glass accessories. Salt is an abrasive that contains sharp edges capable of scraping away those small but stubborn stains. Combining it with an acidic substance like alcohol goes a long way in helping to restore glass accessories back to new.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are imperative for keeping glass accessories clean because they make it easy to reach the more restrictive areas of glass devices. Cotton swabs are especially important when cleaning glass bongs due to the many crevices present on devices with multiple components like honeycombs and downstems.

They’re also helpful when it comes to removing the resin that gets collected on the bowlhead of a bong after continued usage. Ideally, the cotton swab should be dipped in alcohol before being used to rid glass devices of build up and residue.

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Reusable Cleaning Caps

People that regularly take the time to clean their glass accessories realize how messy the process can get. That’s a problem that’s easily solved by using cleaning caps, which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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Cleaning caps are used to close the openings of glass accessories, making it easier to move the liquid contents in the device around without spilling anything. Since properly cleaning a glass device generally entails at least a small amount of alcohol, cleaning caps are essential in helping to keep the area around you free of alcohol, along with sensitive areas like the eyes. 

Dish Soap

Regular dish soap can be instrumental in cleaning glass accessories. That’s especially the case after thoroughly cleaning the device thoroughly with alcohol salt beforehand. Cleaning a glass device with dish soap is vital for removing harmful bacteria around the mouthpiece of the device. After cleaning the glass device with dish soap it’s important to remember to rinse it out completely prior to letting it sit for a while to dry off before using it again.

After your glass accessory has been properly cleaned with the items mentioned, don’t be surprised when it feels like an entirely new device. That should serve as the perfect motivation for regularly cleaning your glass devices!


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