Monday, June 17, 2024

Your First Visit To a Marijuana Dispensary Explained By A Drag Queen

Have a state that is just legalized weed?  Or just canna curious or a canna newbie?  Want to learn how to consume without smoking?  Let us explain how to purchase legal weed on your first visit to a marijuana dispensary.

The first visit doesn’t have to be scary.  This video will not only provide laughs, but give you the skills to to confidential go to a dispensary and make a purchase!


Starring Brian Peters/aka Mama Tits. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook
Video by Thor Radford/Radford Creative

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, has seen a significant shift in its legal status in recent years. All of Canada and parts of  the United States has seen growing legalizing both medical and recreational use.

This change in legislation has led to the emergence of marijuana dispensaries, where individuals can legally purchase cannabis products. Here is an overview of what marijuana dispensaries are and how many exist in the US and Canada.

What are Marijuana Dispensaries?

Marijuana dispensaries are establishments that are authorized to sell cannabis products to consumers. These dispensaries can vary in their offerings, ranging from medical marijuana dispensaries that cater to patients with specific medical conditions to recreational dispensaries that serve individuals looking to use cannabis for non-medical purposes. 

These establishments provide a regulated and legal means for individuals to access cannabis products.  The number of legal dispensaries in the US is constantly changing.

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In 2018, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide.  Since then, the number of marijuana dispensaries in Canada has grown steadily. According to Health Canada, as of July 2023, there are over 1,200 authorized cannabis retailers across the country


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