Sunday, May 26, 2024

TFT Vape Review: The New Ebbu Genesis For Anxiety

Sometimes you need something reliable to get you through the day when you have anxiety. For some, that’s calling up an old friend, or putting on a much-beloved record, or bingeing a favorite TV show. For others, it’s chilling out with a joint on the back porch.

But the thing is, marijuana isn’t always reliable. Because there are just so many different types out there, you might get a nice, light get-you-through-the-day blaze one day and then melt-into-the-sofa high the next. Cue ebbu’s latest product, Genesis–a vape pen that delivers the same type of high each and every time.

Cannabis research and development start-up ebbu has a goal to make their products as predictable as possible. This line of thinking is innovative in the cannabis industry, and is sure to appeal to many consumers.

This goes double for folks who use cannabis to treat anxiety, since certain strains can minimize the disorder while others can exacerbate it. ebbu, who have been around since 2013, have spent the past two years doing extensive research with a team of scientists and 400 volunteers. By isolating three essential cannabinoids and three terpenes that amplify the potency of THC in cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1), ebbu has created a formula that makes for an experience that is at once relaxing yet free of the fog that can often accompany other cannabis products. It’s an approach that ebbu’s chief scientist, Dr. Brian Reid, believes sets the company apart.

Photo courtesy of Ebbu

The Genesis vape pen comes in a pleasantly-packaged container, complete with a cartridge full of ebbu’s well-engineered canna-oil. The pen itself is sleek, black, and lightweight–much like a regular pen. Hold the button down until the light around the button turns green, then take a hit. I knew to be cautious with the product as it boasted 500mg of THC, which is unheard of from my usual flower purchases. However, Genesis also includes a high percentage of CBD, which must minimize some of the effects of the THC.

There’s a distinct flavor upon exhalation, reminiscent of cloves, but it quickly dissipates. For those looking for a discreet high, though it certainly does not smell like cannabis, anyone around would notice at least some sort of aroma in the air momentarily.

Immediately after the first hit, I caught myself staring at some distant porch lights, mesmerized, and realized that the high had hit me instantly. There was no need to wait, or even take a second hit. What followed was a few hours of an incredibly relaxing high, with zero anxiety. This is definitely a product that works well for daylight hours as you’re able to maintain a pretty clear head throughout the high.

After using it a few times, I noticed that it does almost motivate me into more patient and creative states of mind. That said, I would tread lightly with this product. Though I am a frequent consumer, when taking more than one hit, I find it to become more on par with hitting a standard flower vape. My advice: take one hit if you’ve got work to do, and two if you’re set to simply catch up on some Netflix or sleep.


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