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Move Over Craft Beer, Craft Marijuana Delivery Comes To Oregon

Oregrown Industries, Oregon’s premier farm-to-table marijuana company, will offer home delivery of craft cannabis products and locally made glass pipes from its flagship store in downtown Bend, Oregon, beginning next week.

“Home cannabis delivery is coming to Bend, and Oregrown is your door-to-door connection,” said Oregrown cofounder Aviv Hadar.  “We have worked very hard to make the Oregrown store experience the best in the state, but even so, there’s something magical about placing an order and having top shelf, craft cannabis delivered right to your door.  Now we can make that happen.”

Under Oregon law, recreational cannabis stores can deliver between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. to residential addresses within the store’s jurisdiction. One delivery per day is allowed to any single address or customer.  Deliveries must be made to the individual who placed the order, who must be 21 or over.

“Our location in downtown Bend means that we can deliver anywhere in the city, any time of year, including to a lot of properties that are primarily vacation rentals,” said Hadar.  “We like to think that Oregrown is already enhancing the Bend experience for locals and visitors alike.  Now we can do it even more conveniently.”

Hadar said Oregrown’s delivery vehicles will be discreet, and their drivers as friendly and professional as their retail staff.

“What could be better than visiting or living here in Central Oregon? Having the best cannabis delivered right to your door,” Hadar said. “Now you really can have it all.”

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