Sunday, May 26, 2024

V-Day: 6 Marijuana Gift Ideas For Getting High With Your Honey

Whether you believe it’s an over-hyped commercialized holiday or not, V-Day is a chance to get extra-thoughtful with your romance game.

If you and your sweetheart are marijuana enthusiasts, give them one of these extra-thoughtful gifts and share in the endorphin — and cannabis — high, together.

DIY Stashimal

Yep, it is what it sounds like: A stuffed animal that’s meant to stash your weed. Don’t buy any ol’ stuffed bear to show your cuddly side. Turn it into a useful place to store your favorite plant with this Instructables guide. You’ll have to decapitate a cute toy and pull its cotton guts out, but it’s worth it in the end. Just don’t forget to fill it up with your fav strain, first!

Cannabis Chocolates

Don’t show up with a heart-shaped box from the clearance section of your nearest bodega. It’s not a good look. Raise your game with edibles! Like these beauties from Zuma Chocolates, that come in flavors including peanut butter & pecan, frosted red velvet cupcake, and coconut + dark. Check out more drool-worthy canna-chocolates, here.

Super-Luxe Boozy Desserts

Cake is great no matter what, but cake made with Hennessy or Baileys is a thousand times better. Give one of these recipes for booze-filled baked goods a shot, pair it with a sexy strain, and have yourselves a sweet night.

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Wake And Bake Coffee Mug

A romantic breakfast in bed is even better if it comes after getting baked in bed. This coffee mug turned bowl is exactly what your bedhead sweetheart ordered.

Medicated Massage Candles

What’s sexier than a oiled-up massage? A cannabis infused massage, of course. California-based WOW Candles claim to give pain relief in the form of massage oil candles made from coconut oil, organic palm wax, essential oil blends, and infused with one gram of cannabis concentrate.

Take A Romantic 420 Trip

February may be the worst month — no major holidays for time off work, short days and long, cold nights before a hint of spring arrives — but that doesn’t mean you have to shuffle through it. Take your partner on a canna-getaway to one of these locales off the beaten path.



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