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Argentina Legalizes Cannabis Oil And Other Marijuana Derivatives For Medical Use

Argentina’s Senate voted on Wednesday to legalize the use of cannabis oil and other marijuana derivatives for medicinal purposes, the Associated Press reports. The legislation will establish a system of regulations through which the state will prescribe and monitor the newly-legal medication.

“In history, the big things always come in small steps,” Valeria Salech, president of a private pro-medical marijuana group called Mama Cultiva Argentina, told the Associated Press.

A medical marijuana research program based at the Health Ministry will also be created, where “free access” to the products will be guaranteed to anyone who joins the program. Researchers will be permitted to grow cannabis for research and to manufacture cannabis oils and other derivatives.

While it’s a step in the right direction, Argentina still hasn’t gone as far as its neighbor Uruguay, which has legalized recreational use of the drug.

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