Monday, April 15, 2024

For The Win: Bob Dylan Might Be Ignoring the Nobel Prize Committee

Though everyone reacted with very strong opinions regarding Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature win, one person, seemingly, did not respond at all: Bob Dylan.

Here’s how it usually goes down: Winners are invited to attend the Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony in Stockholm, where they receive their Nobel Medal, as well as a Nobel Diploma and a document from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden authorizing the prize. Like any good party host, the Nobel Committee has reached out to Dylan to confirm his RSVP, but he’s apparently treated them like a Tinder date and gone ghost.

According to The Guardian, the committee has all but given up in their efforts to reach out to Dylan and his team. They aren’t sure if Dylan will attend, as he hasn’t responded to their emails or phone calls.

“Right now we are doing nothing. I have called and sent emails to his closest collaborator and received very friendly replies. For now, that is certainly enough,” the Nobel committee’s permanent secretary, Sara Danius, said to state radio SR Monday.

Though Dylan performed in Las Vegas the night of his Nobel Prize announcement, he has made no public statement regarding the achievement. The first musician to win the award, Dylan did, however, pick up his guitar on stage for the first time since 2012. Everyone has their own way of celebrating, really.

While Dylan’s attendance might be expected, the Committee plans to have a raucous time without him, Danius said.

“If he doesn’t want to come, he won’t come. It will be a big party in any case and the honor belongs to him,” said Danius. She also added, “I am not at all worried. I think he will show up.”

For now, Bob Dylan remains on tour and will continue to do so until Nov. 23. So on the plus side, if he does checkmark Yes to the Nobel’s RSVP, he will be able to attend.


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