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Flower Or Concentrates: Which Do Cannabis Consumers Prefer?

Even though cannabis concentrates are rising in popularity, new data says that many marijuana users prefer to smoke flower.

Despite technology and the much touted strength of cannabis concentrates, a large percentage of marijuana users prefer to stick to the classics. A new report published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that about eight in 10 cannabis consumers prefer flower over cannabis concentrates.

Researchers from Arizona State University surveyed 574 cannabis users from across the U.S., focusing on their cannabis habits — specifically, their consumption of herbal cannabis and concentrates and how the two differed when it came to psychological and physical effects.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents said that they preferred flower over concentrates, referencing the fact that concentrates were more likely to produce paranoia, marijuana hangovers and forgetfulness.

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The main difference in the subjective effects of marijuana and concentrates is in terms of their positive effects, with marijuana producing greater positive effects than concentrates,” researchers explained. “Negative effects of marijuana and concentrates were small, suggesting that extreme negative effects are unlikely for regular cannabis users.”

3 Popular Ways To Consume Marijuana Flower
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While there are plenty of differences between cannabis concentrates and flower, the biggest one is that concentrates are more potent, which complicates their dosage and creates a bigger risk for a bad high (definitely not recommended for beginners!).  Concentrates have a THC potency range of 50-80% while flower usually has a 10-25% range. 

Another fact that can’t be discarded is the long history of marijuana flower. While smoking flower produces tar and is harmful for the lungs, plenty of cannabis users enjoy the ritual of grinding their marijuana and preparing a joint, smoking it by themselves or amongst friends.


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