Monday, September 25, 2023

Should You Give Out Healthy Halloween Candy? Here’s What Nutritionists Think

Healthy Halloween candy? It’s a thing. Here’s what nutritionists think about giving this type of candy to kids.

Handing out Halloween candy that’s nutritious is a thing that many adults consider,  especially considering that they are likely the ones who are going to be stuck with that candy once the festivities are over. But should you subject your children and your neighbor’s kids to your dark chocolate alternative or simply hand out M&M’s and Snickers?

Healthy sweet alternatives can be delicious, but you have to be prepared for this change. When offering a kid some popcorn or a snickers, although popcorn is usually healthier, they may understandably be upset, especially considering their expectations of Halloween and the fact that they’re kids and don’t regulate their emotions as well as adults do.

Making kiddos feel bad about wanting to have candy on a date that’s associated with candy could result in bigger problems later on, much more complicated than simply having a sugar rush when the day is over.

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The Huffington Post spoke with some nutritionists on the matter, who were mostly pro-normal Halloween candy. “Sugar-free or buzzwords like ‘keto,’ ‘low-carb’ or ‘superfood’ don’t necessarily make sweets healthier,” said nutritionist Amanda Frankeny. “While these labels sound nutritious at face value, too much candy of any type can lead to cavities and poor nutrition.”

They also spoke about the importance of not pushing children to look for the good candy somewhere else and then developing a negative relationship with food, creating a problem that can have long term implications. “Overeating candy in secrecy can short-term lead to belly woes or worse, potentially create long term disordered eating issues with candy or sweet treats,” said Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, author of “Better Period Food Solution.”

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While some kids with diabetes or blood sugar control issue can benefit from these type of low sugar sweets, the majority would be better off simply carrying on with their standard Halloween celebrations. When it comes to your kids and their everyday consumption of sweets, having healthier candy options around can diminish their long term damage. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that candy is still candy, no matter how it’s packaged, and other foods, like veggies and grains, should always be the priority.


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