Thursday, September 28, 2023

Here Are The Places COVID-19 Is Spreading Fastest Right Now

For the time being, COVID-19 cases are spiraling downwards. Here are the most common places where the disease is currently spreading.

There was a big surge of COVID-19 cases over the summer. Now, cases are spiraling downwards, although some trouble states remain, like Colorado, Alaska and Michigan. A variety of factors impact these trends, from vaccination rates to the surge of infections themselves, which ebb and flow.

As we all know by now, COVID-19 is a communicable disease, transmitted through contact with others. There’s a variety of activities that make the virus more likely to catch on, which makes certain places more dangerous than others.

All of this is dependent on where you live and your community’s current rate of infection, which can be easily found by googling your city and the phrase “COVID cases.” Here are some of the most common places for COVID-19 to spread right now.

Restaurants and bars

How To Stay Safe While Eating Out At A Restaurant
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Restaurants and bars have often been linked with COVID-19 clusters, although, again, where you’re eating is very important. While cities like New York ask for proof of vaccination in order to eat indoors, other places don’t, exposing people to more risk. When dining or drinking indoors, consider all of your options: Are you in a crowded spaces and are people wearing mask for the majority of the time? Are you seated near an open door or window?

Small indoor parties

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While data from small get togethers is hard to track, it’s believed that the Delta variant makes it riskier to have gatherings with others, even if they’re small. Buildings like schools and offices have more strict COVID-19 guidelines, making it less likely for people to catch the disease there. It appears people are catching the disease during their off times, which is why it’s important to meet up with people who are vaccinated if choosing to spend time indoors and without masks.

Crowded outdoor spaces

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The benefits of the outdoors can’t be overstated with COVID-19, but they still have their limits. It’s difficult to maintain distance when in a crowded outdoor space, especially if you don’t know the vaccination status of everyone involved.


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