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These New Sex And Relationship Stats Are Incredibly Dismal

New surveys show that sex and relationships are facing an all-time low.

On Valentine’s Day, CNN shared a romantic statistic: we’re at a 30 year low for sex and living together, with marriages and partnerships decreasing the younger people are.

These numbers were published on the 2021 General Social Survey, which found some curious findings that show a generational change when it comes to dating and romance.

The survey’s results show that these low numbers aren’t due to the pandemic. This trend has been ongoing for years, with every new survey reinforcing it. In 2021, 26% of Americans over the age of 18 hadn’t had sex over the past year. While this percentage was higher than previous years, surveys in 2016 and 2018 came in at 23%.

How CBD Can Improve Your Sex Life
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CNN argues that this phenomenon isn’t limited to sex. Numbers from Pew Research Center say that 62% of Americans between the ages of 25 to 54 were married or living with a partner, a lower number than in previous years. According to Pew polling, it appears the economy is impacting people’s decision to marry, with a lot of them saying that they won’t get married if it’s not financially feasible.

Lastly, results show that this trend has more to do with people’s mindsets than their ages. People over the age of 55 continue to have the same partnership and sex trends as they did 30 years ago. It’s younger people whose interests have waned.

While news like this tends to cause alarm for a lot of people, particularly those who are older, maybe we shouldn’t start calling for the end of humanity just yet.

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A lot of single people today are happier and more empowered than they were before, shifting their priorities until the time is right for them or they have fulfilled their professional achievements. Maybe the prospect of marriage and kids is less enticing when the economy is falling, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and the threat of global warming lurks around the corner.


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