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For The Merriest Of Santa’s Elves: Top 10 Vaporizers of 2016

Vaporizers continue to be all the rage in 2016 with new models, designs and updated functions hitting the marketplace. With hundreds to choose from it’s often hard to decide which is the best vape pen for you. Though some models offer attachments that vape both concentrates and flowers, most only perform one well—and it’s never my recommendation to combust or burn your weed—but to truly vaporize, which calls for an oven.

When looking at vape pens for extracts/concentrates it’s typical to choose based on style/design, but don’t overlook functions like automatic shut off, setting desired temperature or ease of use. Typically vapor production is important to both flower and concentrate vapes, so if you’re after big hits all ten of these vaporizers will definitely fit the bill.

Top 10 Vaporizers Of 2016


Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen – Full Rx Bundle

Use: Extracts
Cost: $124.95

If you’re looking for the best overall vaping experience with concentrates, the Dr. Dabber exceeds all expectations with its smooth matte black finish, interlocking magnetic parts and low temps to make this the perfect vape pen for dabs on the go. The Full Rx Bundle includes all the desired accouterments like three different atomizers to suit your oil/wax preference; glass globe attachment; ceramic mouthpiece; and Dr. Dabber’s signature Snaptech Magnetics.


DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Photo courtesy of Vape World

Use: Flowers
Cost: $274.99

From the same manufacturer as the Ascent comes the newly improved DaVinci IQ, (read: smaller and more portable) with a really cool 360-degree conductor oven allowing for a true vaporizer experience. The IQ’s rechargeable and replaceable battery helps light the LED display, heats the oven, and alerts you with a small vibration when your designated temp is reached. Similar to smart phones, the IQ is a high-tech vape, which can be synched to your iPhone through its app to set desired temp, turn on/off and more through unique, user-defined “smart paths.” If you’re looking for an extra powerful hit, one of my fave features of the IQ is the “boost mode” where you hold down the power button for 10 seconds allowing the oven’s temp to rise to produce a bigger vape. Check out the DaVinci IQ for yourself at


Pax 3 Vaporizer

Photo courtesy of Vape World

Use: Flowers & Extracts
Cost: $274.99

If you thought you hit it big with the Pax 2, just wait until you try the Pax 3. Continuing where the 2 left off with a sleek and stylish small body and true vapor, the Pax 3 is now a two-in-one vaporizer to give you the best of both worlds: flowers and concentrates (new!). Other improvements include a bump up to the battery life (from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh), faster heat up time (15 seconds), and new intelligence like LED notifications and compatibility with their Pax Vapor App.


Pax Era

Use: Extracts
Cost: $59.99

Designed specifically for concentrates, the Pax Era is the first of its kind from Pax Labs otherwise known for their top-of-the-line flower vaporizers. Performing just as well and soon to be top-tier, the Era features a pre-filled concentrates “pod” only available currently in Colorado and California. Gone are the days of leaking, messy, and hard to load vape pens, the Pax Era is so completely seamless and so easy to use we bet your Grandma will be toking before year’s end.


SourceOrb 4

Use: Extracts
Cost: $99.95

The new Source Orb 4 almost offers too much for your money creating incredible value and lots of choices in ways to vape concentrates. With six different atomizers at your fingertips (including quartz and two coil-less) the Source Orb 4 carries on the tradition of exceptional vaping and quality of previous models. If big plumes of vape aren’t your thing, move away from the three-coil system atomizer and let the big kids take this one.


Puffco Plus

Use: Extracts

Cost: $99.99

If you’re looking for a healthy, durable, designer vape pen that can not only handle daily use, but also the love affair you’re certain to have with it—the Puffco Plus is just the vaporizer you’ve been waiting for.  Instead of coils, the Plus utilizes an all ceramic atomizer allowing for better flavor, less waste by evenly distributing the dab and larger vapor production. Other new advances in the Plus include a super handy dabber dart inconspicuously located in the underside of the mouthpiece and a 12-second sesh mode so you don’t have to continuously hold down the button.


Kandy Galaxy

Use: Extracts

Cost $129.95

Durable, stealthy and big on vapor production, the Galaxy from Kandy Pens is a trusted go-to vape pen. This four-temperature vaporizer pairs well with both types of atomizers; one which is coilless and has a ceramic dish; the other a crystal chamber with two quartz rods and titanium coils. When you get to high and pocket your pen is when you’ll really appreciate the 10-second automatic shut-off.


Clout Dl1

Use: Extracts

Cost: $50

The Clout Dl1 offers exceptional value for a vaporizer. With big hits that are full of flavor, this vape uses a dual quartz coil encased in a ceramic atomizer base. If you’re looking for a pen that’s ditches the flashiness for an undercover look, you’ll appreciate the black finish that’s void of unnecessary bells and whistles.


Crafty by Storz & Bickel

Photo courtesy of Vape World

Use: Flowers or Concentrates

Cost: $339

From the trusted makers of the desktop vaporizer The Volcano, the Crafty is a portable, high-quality vape that produces great vapor and unmatched taste and efficiency. Extremely easy to use, the Crafty utilizes a one-button turn on, heats quickly, and turns to green when the desired temp is reached. The swivel mouthpiece is sturdy and the feel overall is just the same. Check out the app with its cool functions allowing you to control remotely temperature, battery life and notifications.


The Executive, Dank Fung

Use: Extracts

Cost: $139.99

Don’t be fooled by the buttoned up look of The Executive, because this vape pen can really let loose. Luxury reigns supreme with 24-kt gold plated vape body, which has a coilless, ceramic atomizer surrounded by a glass atomizer cover, making way for a cleaner, fuller body taste. All this under the guise of a pen cap—be sure to bring this to your next board meeting.


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