Thursday, March 23, 2023

9 Perfect Gifts For The Canna-Enthusiast Who Has Everything

They’ve got piles of rolling papers, more grinders lost in the couch cushions than they can count, and glass lining the walls. What do you get the cannabis lover who’s already got it all covered?

Please don’t give them another pair of socks with marijuana leaves on them. Try one of these unique gifts, and get ready to be the MVP of your next smoke-out.

A Greeting Card With A Surprise

Tell them you like the way they roll! Aside from being really clever and funny cards, Kush Kards have a slot for slipping a joint into the paper itself.

A Really Good Lighter


Your friend who’s always having people over have probably lost a few good lighters in their day. Those things have a way of walking out the door. Give them a lighter to fight for, like a custom engraved Zippo. Feel free to order one that says DO NOT STEAL if they’re too chill to say it for themselves.

MJ-Inspired Jewelry

Leave the leaf aside and get more with cannabis culture jewelry that’s so subtle, they could wear it to their stuffy workplace. This roach clip necklace, for example, is classy and a nod to those who know what’s up. Alternatively, let them start the conversation with a THC chemical compound necklace.

Ingredients For A Fancy Drink


The best part of this gift: Once you’ve given it, you can indulge in it together. Try this Raspberry Shrub that incorporates marijuana tincture. Throw all of the ingreds—including glasses—into a nice basket, slap a bow on it, and you’re done!  

Some Sentimental Glass

Maybe you’re friend has 30 different kinds of bowls, pipes and bongs, but do they have one that’s a glow-in-the-dark octopus, or one in the shape of her favorite Pokemon? Didn’t think so. If they’re a glass enthusiast, this is a gift you can never give too many of. Make it something meaningful to the both of you, and it’ll stand out amongst the rest of their glass treasures.

An Activity For When They’re High


Coloring books are somehow still a thing—and we need more zenned out activities than ever. Combining the calm focus of a good high and coloring therapy sounds like a dream. Give them one of the tons of marijuana themed coloring books that are out there, plus a pack of crayons, and let the fun begin.

A Custom-Engraved Grinder

This is another one of those things every enthusiast already has, but that you can make sentimental. Custom engraved grinders, such as these wood burned creations, make a mundane task a little more special.

A Beautiful Rolling Tray


If they’re rolling on some old-ass takeout tray or a TV dinner plate from their grandma’s house, please do them a favor and gift a sophisticated rolling tray. Many are functional and beautiful enough to leave out on the coffee table 24/7. These on Etsy are shaped in various designs, and look more like works of art.

Take Them On An Experience

What’s better than all of the above, for the friend with everything? Making memories. You don’t have to go far or do a ton of planning to create a memorable time together. Tickets to museums, renting gear for a weekend camping trip, or a treat to the movies will all do nicely when you’re out of ideas. Read our guide for the best vacations and getaways to take for your social butterfly friend.



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