Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Poll: What Did Obama Forget?

As he walked to Air Force One this morning, President Obama patted down his pockets, realized he was missing something, and ran back to the Oval Office. But what did he forget? Let’s consider some options and then vote on it in an important poll (below).

1). His Blackberry

The most likely answer is Obama left his phone at home. But that’s also what they’d want you to believe. Let’s move on.

2). Ham sandwich

It’s possible.

3). Cigarettes

The president allegedly quit smoking back in 2011, but last year he was photographed holding something that looks a lot like a pack of cigarettes. Hmm.

4). His keys

I’ve always assumed presidents don’t need to carry around keys, but then again I’ve never been president so what do I know.

5). Gum

It’s always important to have gum or mints on you, especially if you have to talk to a lot of important people while representing your country. Also, Obama reportedly still chews Nicorette.

6). The weed he confiscated from Malia

This is my guess.

[poll id=”13″]

Posted By: Taylor Berman


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