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How To Take Care Of Your Libido When Quarantined With Others

Quarantine isolates us from friends and family but keeps us in (really) close contact with our household. Here’s how you can have some privacy when you need it most.

Time is weird under quarantine. It can feel eternal, like when you have to complete a single work task, but it can also zoom by when you’re scrolling through social media only to realize that you’ve wasted three hours of your time.

What many have discovered during lockdown is that boredom results in more time spent doing comforting things, such as binging a show you’ve already seen thousands of times or masturbating. According to Mashable, researchers are observing all sorts of behaviors from people and their libidos, with some reporting more horniness than usual and others the complete opposite. All reactions are valid.

Masturbating is a good way of keeping your mood up, whether you need a boost or simply want to feel something other than anxiety. In the words of the New York Health Department, masturbating is also the safest kind of sex you can have nowadays, so there’s that.

Despite all of this, masturbating is hard to do if you’re living with family members or roommates during the pandemic. Here’s how to find some privacy and sneak in a little relifed:

Music is your ally

Playing some music will ensure that all strange sounds are kept to a minimum. We’re not talking death metal or rock. Choose some music that is nice and relaxing and keep the volume to a manageable level. That way you can keep an ear out for people who may be walking by.

Lock your door

How To 'Take Care' Of Yourself When Quarantined With Other People
Photo by Jonathan Petersson via Pexels

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Locking your door is very useful while in quarantine, especially once you’ve been cohabitating with others for a long period of time and boundaries start to crumble. Have an excuse ready if someone knocks on your door to manage the awkwardness.

Soundproof your room

If you’re still feeling a little anxious over getting caught, cover the gaps in your room with towels and use headphones if you’re watching porn. Still, be careful if you decide to soundproof your room, since it’s possible it will create more questions.

Make up an excuse for your alone time

How To 'Take Care' Of Yourself When Quarantined With Other People
Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

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Before you do anything, make sure to have a block of time that’s exclusive for you, whether you’re living with a roommate, family member or significant other. Depending on your audience, you can be honest or say that you’re going to do some work, send out some emails, etc./

Get creative if there’s no space

If you’re living in a situation where there’s literally no doors and space for yourself, get creative. Use your shower time wisely and don’t be ashamed of needing alone time. When living with others and having little space to yourself, alone time is a matter of mental health, so find a way to get some.


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