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5 States That Could Allow Sports Betting In 2022

The rush of sports gambling has led to fans across the U.S. wondering when they’ll be able to place bets on their favorite teams. 

When Las Vegas welcomed the NHL’s Golden Knights as its first home team in the four major professional sports leagues, it became clear that the acceptance and legalization of sports betting was inevitable. Wherever you consume sports content nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly harder to avoid insights about wagers related to games. 

From daily fantasy sports to betting futures at sportsbooks, the rush of sports gambling has led to fans across the nation wondering when they’ll be able to place bets on their favorite teams. Here are five states that are well positioned to legalize sports betting in 2022.

NHL hockey
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Crimson Tide fans in Alabama who are hoping for the opportunity to eventually place wagers on their favorite teams have good reason to hope that 2022 is the year sports betting gets legalized. The state has motivation to legalize sports betting due to the fact that it’s bordered by multiple states that have already legalized it including Mississippi and Tennessee.

Lawmakers in Alabama understand the urgency of the matter, too, considering that multiple attempts to introduce legal sports betting in the state have been made. The latest attempt at legalizing sports betting came as recently as 2021. State lawmakers will have another chance to agree on a path for legalization of sports betting when the Regular Session reconvenes later in January.


Californians are currently restricted to making the journey to Nevada in order to legally place wagers on ball games. Even though sports betting is still currently illegal in California, sports fans in the Golden State have good reasons to remain optimistic that they’ll soon be able to place bets from the comfort of their home soon.

First, an initiative to legalize sports betting in California received more than one million signatures, meaning citizens will have the opportunity to vote on the issue in early 2022. Additionally, major sportsbooks will be eager to do whatever possible to get the ball across the line. Doing so will ensure that they can reap the financial benefits that will come with entering the sports betting market in a state with millions of residents and multiple professional and college level sports teams.

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Sports fans in Georgia were likely thrilled upon discovering that professional sports teams throughout the Peach State have voiced their support for the legalization of sports betting. Unfortunately there are political obstacles that make doing so easier said than done.

The state senate approved sports gambling legislation, but it soon became a casualty of ongoing debate in the Georgia House of Representatives over expanding voting rights. If the legislation is revived during the legislative session that begins this month, Georgia citizens could vote it into law this coming November. If the constitutional amendment receives enough votes, sports gambling in Georgia could conceivably begin as soon as Jan. 1, 2023.


Lawmakers in Kansas spent much of 2020 and 2021 working to bring legalized sports gambling to residents, even though the clock ran out on 2021 before they were able to provide the governor with a bill to sign.

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Since much of the framework around operators and taxes has already been agreed upon, there is significant hope that 2022 is the year legislators can finally legalize sports gambling in Kansas. Depending on how fast legislators can iron out the details, Kansas residents could potentially have access to legalized sports gambling in time for college basketball season!

Sports Leagues And Cannabis Testing
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The process of legalizing sports betting in Minnesota is slightly more complicated than in other states, but there’s still good reason to remain optimistic for legalization.

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The approval of sports betting in Minnesota hinges not on the political will of those in the statehouse, but on the willingness of Native American tribes in the state who control gaming operations.

Tribes in Minnesota have turned down attempts to introduce sports gambling into casinos in the past, but executives within the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association have been researching the issue and are ready to come to the table to discuss their findings with lawmakers. This is welcome news for Minnesotans eager to participate in sports gambling since Tribes serve as the biggest obstacle to legalized gambling in the state to date.


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