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We knew that Oprah had dabbled with marijuana before, but now her best pal and newscaster Gayle King has confirmed the suspicions.

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Residents In This California Town Think Cannabis Stinks

Now that marijuana is fully legal in the Golden State, some locals report a thick, skunk-like odor emanating from the cannabis plants that settles over the valley in the evenings and before dawn.

Is Cannabis Banking In California On The Horizon?

Just last week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, while testifying before the US Senate, surprisingly said that cannabis should be researched and that there may be some benefits to medical marijuana.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Admits She No Longer Opposes Legal Marijuana

This is a first for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who, up until now, was considered a staunch opponent of legalizing recreational weed.

Can California Employers Still Test For Marijuana?

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Allow Jeff Garlin To Convince You To Smoke Weed

Believe it or not, everyone in Hollywood isn’t a wacko, experimental scoundrel. Instead many are straight-laced, almost conservative in lifestyle, and aren’t exactly stoners.

Why A California-Oregon Cannabis Exchange Is A Bad Idea

We have a ton of clients who have been affected by depressed cannabis prices lately: These clients include not just farms but processors and retailers who are struggling to move product and cover costs, let alone turn profits.

California Gubernatorial Candidate Could Spell Big Trouble For Marijuana

John Cox, the Republican frontrunner for in the California gubernatorial race, believes cannabis consumers should be hospitalized.