Monday, July 15, 2024

6 Ads That Made You Want To Watch The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched and treasured televised events of the year, bringing people with all sorts of interests together. You may come for the love of football, for the surely amazing halftime show, or simply as an excuse to hang out and get hopelessly drunk with your friends; it makes no difference. The Super Bowl is great.

The show is also incredibly important for the marketing of big companies, giving them an opportunity to show off their creativity through the creation of some of the best commercials in the world. In a way, the Super Bowl is like the Oscars for commercials, an exhibition of the coolest ideas made by the most talented people out there.

We’ve compiled a list with some of this year’s Super Bowl commercials, which have captured our attention and are surely worth millions and millions of dollars. Enjoy. 

Nintendo, “Nintendo Switch”

The purpose of this commercial is to advertise how dynamic and game changing the Nintendo Switch will be, blurring the line between console and handheld video games and creating a hybrid that’s supposed to offer the best of both styles of gaming. A spot in the Super Bowl guarantees millions of viewers, and depending on the device’s reception, might force other gaming companies to come up with more innovative ideas.

Mercedes Benz, “Easy Driver” by the Coen Brothers

The iconic and award winning Coen Brothers partnered up with Mercedes to produce this Easy Rider themed commercial, filled with bikers, badasses, and lots of grunting. All very “Coen-y” stuff.

Kia, “Hero’s Journey” with Melissa McCarthy

Kia had no problems splurging on this commercial, hiring one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. The ad works really well because it’s built with McCarthy’s best features in mind, putting her character in different situations that let her exploit her physical comedy. The commercial also highlights the aspect of nature, reinforcing the fact that it’s an eco friendly car.

Budweiser, “Born The Hard Way”

Budweiser has had several hit commercials over the last couple of Super Bowls, advocating friendship and cuteness with a memorable golden retreiver pup, but this year they’ve decided to take a more serious route that feels resonant with the state of the world. The ad tells the story of a man who comes to America on a quest to brew the perfect beer. Is there a better reason for bringing people together?

Honda, Yearbook

While the commercial is filled with stars and a positive message of following your dreams, it also doesn’t advertise the car as well as it should be. It’s still a great watch, I just won’t remember what was being advertised in the first place.

Avocados of Mexico, #AvoSecrets

A comedic take on an iconic and dark scene from “Eyes Wide Shut”, this commercial shows a secret society hashing out their differences and discussing the policies of their organization. At the closing moments of the ad, the members of the society agree that subliminal advertising is fake, as Jon Lovitz unexpectedly pops onscreen and hypnotizes them into stuffing their faces with guacamole. Very trippy stuff.


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