Wednesday, April 17, 2024

CBD Could Help 49ers Fans With Super Bowl Loss

Research suggests that CBD reduces stress and anxiety, while motivating users in downer moods, which is how San Francisco 49ers fans might feel this week.

The San Francisco 49ers achieved a nearly perfect football season. They dominated the regular season competition and powered through the NFC playoffs, leaving little doubt they were among the league’s best. In the Super Bowl, they looked like the better team for more than three quarters of competition. Heartbreak came swiftly, though, when star quarterback Patrick Mahomes led a Kansas City comeback and stole the Super Bowl away from the 49ers.

To deal with all that misery, Charlotte’s Web believes the only thing Niners fans need is a little CBD with their TLC. In what the company is describing as “a tongue-in-cheek” campaign, Charlotte’s Web will offer a 49% discount to all those sad football fans.

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While it certainly feels like an example of a company capitalizing on someone else’s misfortunes, it does give us an opportunity to discuss the science behind using CBD to manage stress and anxiety. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that a range of animal trials show that CBD reduces physiological and behavioral measures of stress and anxiety.

A 2011 study focused on how CBD could affect generalized social anxiety disorder. Researchers gave half of participants a 400mg dose of CBD and the other half a placebo. The study concluded that “CBD was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety” when compared to the placebo.

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In addition, if the 49ers losing the Super Bowl has you unmotivated at work, CBD could also help with that. We all know how difficult it can be to do your job when you’re stressed out, anxious, or depressed. A 2016 review, however, suggested that “CBD may attenuate motivational dysfunction,” particularly “in disorders of motivation, including drug addiction, anxiety, and depression.”

So, yes CBD might just help you get over the gut-punching loss of the Super Bowl. If you need help deciding what CBD products to buy, we have a guide to help with that.


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