Here’s Why Canada Will Be Home To The Best Cannabis Research

On October 17, Canadians will officially be able to legally spark up across the country. This comes with a slew of benefits, one of them being increased research.

Coming Soon: World’s Largest Museum Dedicated To Cannabis

The Weedon, Quebec CannaCentre is set to be the worlds' largest museum dedicated to cannabis, the first of its kind in Canada.

Is Legal Cannabis The New Bitcoin?

Investors who have missed the boat on opportunities that have made others stinking rich in the past do not want to miss catching the first wave of legal marijuana.

Canopy Growth CEO: Transforming Marijuana Into Products Is Key

Marijuana will be legal in Canada in October and the CEO of the country's largest publicly traded medical marijuana company has his sights set on products.

Canada Marijuana Legalization Delayed Until October

Although Canada officially legalized recreational marijuana earlier this week, giving way to predictions that dispensaries...

Canadian Lawmaker Fears ‘Disgusting’ Marijuana T-Shirts Will Denigrate Nation

As Canadians gleefully count the days until cannabis is legal nationwide, one conservative lawmaker is still refusing to give up the fight for prohibition. 

Canada Officially Legalizes Marijuana Like Alcohol

Although it may have not been an easy concept for some federal lawmakers to sink...

Canada May Become The New Leaders In Cannabis Research

With a population of 36 million people, Canada has the potential to become a hotbed for scientific studies related to cannabis.

Quadron Cannatech Sells First High-Tech Mobile Extraction Module

TLC Botanicals in Langley, B.C. purchased Quadron Cannatech’s first mobile extraction module recently and the new machine is set to revolutionize how pen extractions are done.

‘Trailer Park Boys’ Go Legit In Canada’s Legal Marijuana Market

After years of failing on the black market, the Trailer Park Boys are setting their get-rich-quick schemes in a different venue — the legal cannabis industry.