Weed-Flavored Beer Getting South Florida Breweries In Trouble

Over the past couple months, marijuana-infused beer has become the hottest trend with South Florida breweries.

Florida Judge Rules Tampa’s Strip Club King Can Home Grow Marijuana

A Florida judge ruled Wednesday that Joe Redner, Tampa's strip club king, has the legal right to grow marijuana for medical purposes.

Sorry Florida, False Alarm On The Marijuana Legalization

No matter how much the economy would have been bolstered, there is still no recreational cannabis to be had in Florida.

GOP Candidate Claims She Was Abducted By Aliens Who Look Like Jesus

Betina Rodriguez Aguilera, a republican congressional candidate from Florida, claims she was abducted by three aliens, two men and one woman, that reminded her of Jesus Christ.

Here’s How Much Marijuana Costs Across The Country

Legalized recreational marijuana sales are expected to hit a billion dollars this year, but how much does legal weed cost in your town compared to the rest of the rest of the country?

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Program Is On Fire: 71,000 Patients Strong

In June of last year, Florida had just under 17,000 medical cannabis patients. Now, as of last Friday, they’ve surpassed 71,000 with more growth projected.

Alligator And Python Fight To The Death In The Middle Of Golf Course

An alligator and a Burmese python were locked in a deathly fight in the middle of a golf course in Naples, Florida.

Florida Government Wants To Declare Porn A Health Risk

Attention all Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans who identified too closely with 'Don Jon'—watching pornography may be a health risk.

Florida Man Caught With Literal Picnic In His Pants, Ribs Included

A Florida Man was caught sneaking a rack of ribs in his pants recently. That isn’t a dick joke. We're talking actual food, people.

Trouble Down South: Tetra Health Centers Closes 5 Florida Locations

Five Tetra Health Centers in the Tampa Bay area closed their doors, leaving only one location open for business.