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Anti-Cannabis Minister Threatens To Bring Down Italian Government

Italy’s firebrand Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has promised to shutter every legal cannabis shop in Italy “one by one” and collapse the government should his coalition partner not comply with the demand.

Dogs Of Instagram: Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone aka Spinone Italiano, not to be confused with the Italian gelato - spumoni, is a friendly, patient and sometimes stubborn hunting breed.

Red Wine Is The Best Alcohol For Great Sex And Here’s...

Now that the cooler months are rolling in, it's plausible more people will be hunkering down with a bottle of cozy red wine over its chillier counterparts.

Did You Know The Farmers In Italy Grow Hemp To Save...

Soon, farmers hope, the town that declared bankruptcy in 2006 will be known for a cannabis. Industrial hemp, to be precise.

Italy’s Ridiculous New Food Laws Will Screw Up Your Next Visit

No question, Italy is where many people go to experience amazing food and drink. But beware, things just got a whole lot more stupid.

Vegans Rejoice: Introducing Grape Leather And Why It Matters

Sooner than later, some of your favorite clothing items and accessories could be made with grape leather. And no, not that kind you ate as a kid.

For The First Time Ever, Starbucks Is Opening In Italy

When Starbucks kingpin Howard Schultz traveled to Italy in 1983, he was so enamored with the coffee bars in Milan, he made a new product.