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No, Drug-Sniffing Dogs Can’t Distinguish Between Marijuana And Hemp

Human technology and drug-sniffing canines have hamstrung prosecutors' ability to pursue marijuana convictions.

6 Best Places To Live If You Want To Use Medical...

Medical marijuana in this country is all over the place. But fortunately, the folks at Americans for Safe Access have released a detailed analysis of the situation in order to identify the best medical marijuana programs in the nation.

How The ‘Serial’ Podcast Changed Marijuana Crime Laws In Ohio

With its third season, Serial added to its criminal justice résumé by changing the cannabis possession laws in Euclid.

Ohio Working To Expand Qualified Conditions For Not Yet Functional Medical...

Although Ohio is having some difficulty getting its medical marijuana program off the ground, the state has decided that this would be an excellent time to expand its list of qualified conditions.

CBD Oil Is Now Illegal In Medical Marijuana Friendly Ohio

Even though CBD is non-psychoactive, officials are insisting that all of these products be distributed exclusively in marijuana dispensaries.

Dem. Lawmaker: ‘Marijuana Should Be Legal In All 50 States’

Rep. Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat, called current prohibition “morally wrong” and “economically nonsensical.”

Ohio Medical Board Adds More Doctors To Medical Marijuana Program

The Ohio State Medical Board recently added 46 more doctors to the approved medical marijuana program list.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: May 21

Momentum toward legalization grew in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri last week. Find out more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: May 14

In Ohio, recreational cannabis took a huge step forward. Find out more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.

US Health Secretary: No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana

Another day, another instance of a misinformed and misleading cannabis-related comment from the United States Cabinet.