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Here’s One Thing You’ll Never See A British Royal Do

The rule was broken by both Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but the monarchy frowns upon the practice for fear of forgery.

Royal Snub Alert: Why Harry Didn’t Invite Princess Diana’s Brother To...

Only 25 guests were invited to the ceremony, but a major player was not in attendance: Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer.  

This Is What Princes William And Harry Were Almost Named

How different would their lives be if Prince William and Prince Harry had totally different names? It almost happened.

Brad Pitt & Charlize Theron More Than Just ‘Friends With Benefits’;...

The latest celebrity news from our friends at Naughty Gossip.

Christmas Gag Gifts The Royals Have Given Over The Years

Princess Diana didn't get the memo during her first Christmas as a royal that gag gifts are the presents du jour on Christmas Eve at the Palace. Oops!

Meghan Markle’s Palace Nickname Is A Nod To Princess Diana

From her modern style to her humanitarian work, the 37-year-old is very much Diana incarnate, and it isn't lost the Royal Palace, who have given the Duchess a sweet nickname.

Psychic Twins Say Princess Di Warned Harry And Meghan About ‘Turbulent...

The Jamison sisters say they’ve been chatting with Princess Diana beyond the grave for the past 20 years, channeling messages from her and decoding what she’s been trying to say.

Princess Diana Avoided Wearing This Fashion Accessory

She wore everything from pumps to flats and Converse, but she never wore this specific type of shoe.

Princess Diana Got Prince William A Boob Cake For His 13th...

Princess William recently turned 36-years-old, his first birthday as a father of three children.

Will Meghan Markle’s Something Borrowed Be From Princess Diana? 

Royal experts believe Meghan Markle's "something borrowed" could be a precious item that belonged to Princess Diana.