Saturday, February 24, 2024

Psychic Twins Say Princess Di Warned Harry And Meghan About ‘Turbulent Times’ Ahead

This week’s royal news is slightly weirder than usual since it involves not only psychics, but psychic twins. Los Angeles based siblings Terry and Linda Jamison are known among believers for their predictions of celebrities and world events. And that includes the Royal Family.

According to the pair, they’ve been chatting with Princess Diana from beyond the grave for the past 20 years, channeling messages from her and decoding what she’s been trying to say. The sisters told The Sun that Princess Diana was very happy that Harry had found love in his life, but that he should also be careful since his marriage won’t be “plain sailing in the future.”

The Sun reports Diana’s message in full:

Harry, I am delighted that you have found a lovely young woman who shares your passion to make a difference in the world. All eyes will be on you in the coming months and years, scrutinizing your every move and misstep. The struggle to maintain a closeness in the face of unfathomable opposition will at times feel overwhelming. Have compassion for yourselves and listen to each other with open hearts. Trust each other, and know that your marriage has been divinely appointed. I see turbulent times ahead for you both. People will try to demean you and diminish your bright light. You must not let others steal your souls.

The Jamisons claim that Princess Diana had already warned them about Meghan Markle’s family, emphasizing that these threats shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Diana from the afterlife also said that Markle was more tenacious than her son, and that her experience as an actress would also help her face the challenges ahead, preparing her for her newest role as a royal. The twins also predicted that Harry and Meghan would have two kids.

While this all may sound like crap, the psychic twins have a website where they back up their claims. Here, they claim to have predicted other events such as the genders of Prince William and Kate’s children, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar. Because who could forget that.


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