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Where Do Federal Agencies Stand On CBD?

While we have written on these agency policies individually, we thought it would be helpful to recap these opinions under one blog post.

TSA (Sort of) Allows (Some) Hemp-CBD Products on Flights

Even after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and the legalization of hemp, TSA continued not to differentiate marijuana from hemp and to treat all CBD products as illegal under federal law.

TSA Updates Rules To Allow Hemp-Derived CBD Aboard Flights

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Transportation Security Administration updated its policy on marijuana, specifying that some hemp-derived CBD products may be carried aboard flights if the situation fits certain circumstances.

What TSA Would Do If You Got Caught With Marijuana

Some supposed toker travel experts say that flying with weed is as easy as stowing small amounts in checked luggage, while others argue it is best to keep the stash discreetly in a carry-on.

Everything You Need To Know About Traveling With Marijuana

Let's discuss the matter of traveling with marijuana. How should you do it? Should you do it? Here's what you need to know.

You Can Now Adopt Dogs That Were Too Nice For Government...

For different reasons, be that because of their nervousness, lack of drive or simply being too friendly, these dogs didn't complete the necessary training to be government qualified and are now up for adoption.

Smuggling A Little Marijuana On An Airplane Is No Big Deal

Anyone who has ever visited a legal marijuana state has, at least, thought about whether it might be possible to sneak the remainder of their cannabis purchase through the heat of airport security in an effort to smuggle it back home.

Cannabis Business Employees May Not Qualify For TSA Fast-Track

If you are a frequent flier and also own a cannabis business, you may no longer qualify for the TSA's PreCheck security program.

What’s Up With The Marijuana Ads At TSA Checkpoints?

We all know the routine at the airport TSA checkpoints: Take off your shoes. Remove your belt. Check for loose change. Remove your laptop from the case.

Marijuana Green Lit On TSA Website, Still Not Allowed On Airplanes

Despite what you may have heard, President Donald Trump’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is not allowing people to bring medical marijuana on airplanes.