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Leading Israeli Premium Cannabis Brand Coming To US

Tikun Olam, a leading Israeli cannabis brand and pioneer in cannabis research, continues its US expansion by partnering with Washington DC cultivator Alternative Solutions.

Federal Employees In D.C. Area Are Buying Loads Of Legal Weed

Federal employees that live in and around the nation's capital are already smoking weed in growing numbers.

In D.C., A Basic T-Shirt Costs $45, But The Marijuana Is...

A perfect law is like a leprechaun or a unicorn or comfortable stilettos: You can look all you want but you will never find...

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup: Sept. 25

Where is cannabis policy making progress? Find out in our weekly marijuana legislative review.

You Might Be Able To Get Marijuana Without Doctor Approval In...

For most states, a doctor referral and registration card are required to access medical marijuana, which doesn't sit well for one DC lawmaker.

How Scott’s Miracle-Gro Is Helping Make Marijuana Legal

A recent supporter of marijuana legalization and growth, Scott’s Miracle-Gro, increased its lobbying in the first half of 2017.

Both DC And Boston Are Stinking Like Weed And It’s Making...

Both the Washington Post and the Boston Globe featured long stories about the the cities stinking like weed over the weekend.

DC Lawmaker: Defy Congress And Legalize Retail Marijuana Sales

Despite the fact that Congress has taken it upon itself to ensure that DC cannot establish a retail marijuana market, one local lawmaker wants to go for it.

Free Marijuana To Be Given Out At Trump Inauguration

In an effort to push President-elect Donald Trump and his anti-pot staffers to give some serious consideration to the nationwide legalization of marijuana, one tenacious advocacy group hailing from District of Columbia plans to distribute free weed on Inauguration Day.