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5 TV Weed Moms We Love

Some of our favorite stoners are TV moms. What better time to honor them than on Mother’s Day weekend?

Despite the rise in marijuana use in moms, weed moms are not as common as you’d expect when it comes to pop culture. Their characters, usually funny and laid back, tend to exist in the background, with a few key exceptions.

Still, weed moms have become increasingly popular over the years, from characters that used to be controversial, to plain cool in today’s climate.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are 5 TV weed moms we love.

Nancy Botwin, “Weeds”

“Weeds” was released in 2005 and it was ahead of its time for a variety of reasons. Not only did it touch on cannabis during a time when it was illegal, it chose to do it through a suburban mom, who throughout eight seasons grows into a ruthless drug dealer. Nancy Botwin was a complex character, much like the male protagonists of the prestige shows of the era. Flawed female characters have become more common nowadays, but “Weeds” remains impressive in its commitment to exploring Nancy’s depths, no matter how far and disastrous.

Frankie, “Grace and Frankie”

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“Grace and Frankie” is currently in its seventh and final season. Initially pitched as a show about two mismatched women who end up having to live together after their husbands divorce them and marry each other, in later seasons Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) grow into best friends and companions. Frankie is also a stoner since the minute she appears onscreen, quietly luring Grace to the dark side. In short, they’re both stoners, and “Grace and Frankie” is a stoner show.

Kitty Forman, “That ’70s Show”

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“That ’70s Show” was a family-geared sitcom set in the 1970s. The showrunners managed to imbue their series with a lot of weed, even if it wasn’t apparent to younger viewers. Kitty Forman, the mother of protagonist Eric Forman, is not only one of the funniest characters of the series, but she also has some memorable high scenes.

Bobbi Wexler, “Broad City”

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“Broad City” is one of the most memorable stoner shows out there. Throughout its five-season run, Ilana and Abbi got high and did stupid things in New York City. Bobbi Wexler, Ilana’s mom, who had a small recurring role, made the most of her time on screen. In one scene, she memorably gets high with her sister, played by Fran Drescher, while bonding over their family history.

Ruth, “Disjointed”

“Disjointed” stars Kathy Bates as Ruth, a cannabis advocate who hires her son and a group of budtenders to tend to her newly opened cannabis dispensary. The series lasted one season, but it was a personal project for Bates, who explained she turned to cannabis when dealing with her breast cancer diagnosis.


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