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Half Baked 2 May Happen With A Catch

The cult classic stoner flick will finally get a sequel more than two decades later, but is it the one Half Baked fans deserve?

Cannabis culture at large is slowly transitioning away from stoner bros and high-minded hijinks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate and reimagine the past. Half Baked, co-written by and starring Dave Chappelle, ranks among the most cited and celebrated stoner movie of the past several decades. Rumors have long circulated a sequel was in the works, but now it looks like those rumors will become reality.

That’s because Half Baked 2 acquired a prized tax credit allocation by the California Film Commission, according to reports. Once a movie receives that tax credit, filming is supposed to begin within 180 days of the announcement. Whether or not the coronavirus pandemic affects that requirements or not remains to be seen.

Dave Chappelle Apparently Hates Sharing His Weed
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Back in December, comedian/director Justin Hires revealed on Instagram that he’d been selected to write the Half Baked 2 screenplay.

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“Excited to announce I’ll be writing the sequel to Half Baked,” he wrote. “Yes I know the original is a classic and yes this sequel will be [fire] because I’m writing it. Oh yeah, I write screenplays too.”

Bold words. However, it’s worth remembering Half Baked was considered a flop upon its initial release. It grossed only $17.5 million on a $8 million budget and was panned by critics for its juvenile humor. Only once the movie hit cable networks and VHS tapes—yes, that’s how old the movie is—did it find the cult following has to this day.

To answer the most pressing question, Dave Chappelle will not appear in the sequel. Instead, the movie will supposedly feature his character’s son and follow his adventures around Los Angeles. Chappelle infamously loathed the movie upon release, feeling like the studio edited the movie for a younger audience than he and co-writer Neal Brennan had intended.

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“Half Baked didn’t come out the way I wanted it to come out. I was real upset about that, cause it was a real cool script,” Chappelle told James Lipton during a 2014 interview on Inside the Actors Studio. “And then I saw it, I was like, ‘Hey, man, you made a weed movie for kids’ and it wasn’t for kids, the script, you know? It was all these things and so much pressure.”


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