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10 International Retreats For The Body And Mind You Need Now

We seldom think about the difference between being and doing. In our increasingly busy and hectic schedules, we often set our minds to “doing mode.” This means that our thought process, and therefore actions, are task-oriented and always looking to what’s next rather than focus on what’s present. It seems that we book vacations as a mode of escape for our minds but also find that we simply can’t turn “doing mode” off.


It is not enough to be immersed in another culture, we create a new kind of “doing mode” by developing a new sense of schedule and tasks to accomplish. Niche markets in the travel industry have been booming to cater to specific types of “doing minds.” A new wave of hotels around the world have been perfecting the art of bringing you from “doing mode” to “being mode.”

So what is “being mode,” you ask? It is the simple notion of being present. It is a sentiment that seems to resonate with minds across the map and has translated into a whole new wellness tourism movement. In the quest to turn humans doing into humans being, hotels and retreats have took to yoga and meditation as the process for change.

We live in a world where the ability to detox your body and mind in the same places is as obvious as having a Starbucks in every city. With seemingly limitless options to escape “doing mode” and enter “being mode,” we took the stress out of the equation and found the world’s top wellness locales. If the travel bug strikes, here are ten of the best yoga hotels to strike a pose at this year.


Silver Island Yoga, Greece

Do you want to savasana on a privately owned island under the Grecian sun? We thought so. This unique eco yoga experience offers an oasis for those in search of a sense of inner peace. Spread across 60 acres of rolling hills, olive groves and wand a crystal blue Mediterranean sea, it is the perfect setting to clear your mindset in a hectic 2017.

The Harmony Hotel, Costa Rica

When trying to be present, it is important to be surrounded by a community who lives in the present. The Harmony Hotel has created a platform for open minded travelers to reflect, relate and share ideas. A sustainable property situated amidst lush greenery and and a pristine surfing beach will acts as the optimal retreat for a busy mind.

Aro Ha, New Zealand

Wellbeing isn’t a destination, it is a journey. And if you’re journey looks best with 8.4 hecatres of pure nature and expensive views of Lake Wakatipu, then Aro Ha is for you. The New Zealand experience specializes in the art of being. According to their philosophy, “Practicing stillness connects us with a deep reservoir of intuitive wisdom. At Aro Hā Mindfulness is sprinkled into your daily practices. Mindful sitting, walking, and eating will improve focus, build emotional intelligence, and help to uncover your innate joy.”

Adler Thermae, Italy

If five days of being present requires a five star stay, look no further than Adler Thermae. At this timeless Tuscany retreat, being present means enjoying warm thermal springs, relaxation zones and stylish saunas. It has the Italian nonchalance that it takes to get you from living in tomorrow to being here today.


Jake’s Hotel, Jamaica

There is something about that Caribbean island breeze that brings you into “being mode.” This treasure on Treasure Beach is shack chic with vibes as welcoming as the people you’ll encounter. Think open air yoga on the ocean, fresh juices and low key casualness at the stunningly serene Jake’s Hotel.

Ananda, Himalayas

Palatial presence is no longer a mindset of the past. Ananda is an award-winning resort on a 100 acre Maharaja’s Palace Estate, surrounded by graceful Sal forests and overlooking the spiritual town of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley. Here your path to being can be set along different tracks. With the option to focus on de-stressing, weight loss, detoxing, fitness and many more, there is no way you will leave Ananda without a new sense of self.

Willka Tika, Peru

Nestled in Peru’s famous Sacred Valley, Willka T’ika is the glacier-topped getaway you never knew you needed. A culturally rich backdrop sets the perfect scene for your mind to be awakened in the present. The environmentally friendly accommodations are designed to reflect the colors and textures of mother earth, and the spacious yoga studios, cozy meditation cottages, and outdoor and indoor ceremonial areas afford spaces for personal and group activities.

Esalen Institute, USA

Being present doesn’t have to mean sitting still. The word Esalen itself signals adventure, unexplored frontiers and the possibility of humans being. Set between the contrasting energies of mountain and ocean, Esalen brings together a transformative power to believe in something larger than yourself.

Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

Perhaps it takes 5,000 years of history to get you centered in the now. Ulpotha’s deeply rooted spirit culminates a setting ideal for those who are not sure what they are looking for. While the hotel has become known as a vegetarian yoga retreat, it was not established to be anything in particular. It’s ethos is meant to be enjoyed as one wishes and taken for what it is, creating an atmosphere that lets you reach being without any intention of doing.

Swaswara, India

Being truly present requires constant communication of the mind and body. At Swaswara, nature nurtures you into a journey of the self. Influenced by earth and powered by yoga and meditation, Swaswara is a sanctuary for your innermost nature.



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