Friday, May 24, 2024

Fitness Alert! Pickle Juice = Perfect Summer Bod

Pickle juice, pickle juice, pickle juice! Luckily when you say this three times no one appears but let me tell you something. Drink this three times a day and you will be on your way to fitness perfection. Growing up, my father was a competitive body builder and to this day he pushes me to drink pickle juice. Why might you ask? Let’s break down the benefits pickle juice has to offer and why you need to be adding this secret sauce to your diet!


Electrolytes, Recovery, And Cramps

Popular workout drinks such as Gatorade and Redbull are full of sugar.  Sugar, add this to your cuss word dictionary. What your body really needs is electrolytes and there is no better delivery system than pickle juice. Sodium is necessary in the restoring of electrolytes. The calcium chloride and vinegar in pickle juice deliver the sodium to your body quicker than anything else you could digest. Your body needs electrolytes to survive. Electrolytes are a crucial part of fitness.

What is the purpose of electrolytes? Electrolytes regulate the body’s nerve and muscle function, our body’s hydration, blood pressure, blood pH, and the rebuilding of all damaged tissue. The moral of the story is that drinking pickle juice will prevent cramping, help muscles recover faster, protect muscles from injury and keep you stronger in the gym. (Sorry if I got a little scientific there).



Pickle juice is packed with antioxidants, electrolytes (stated above), Vitamin C, and calcium. What makes pickle juice so different is that it delivers all these necessary things to your body most efficiently. On top on top of everything, your stomach loves pickle juice! The vinegar in pickle juice is great for your digestive system. It promotes the growth of healthy of bacteria in your stomach and helps maintain that balance. Just be sure to have something to eat with your pickle juice. It is hard on an empty stomach. Trust me.

When To Sip The Juice

Pickle juice is recommended to be taken as a pre-workout and post-workout. I also advise drinking pickle juice with dinner. The serving size recommend is about three tablespoons. Note, you do not want to drink too much pickle juice! There is too much sodium in pickle juice to be consumed like other sports drinks.

Final Thought/ Wrap-up


Adding pickle juice to your diet will allow you to obtain that summer body by getting you to the gym more often and working longer, harder, and stronger. So don’t leave yourself in a pickle this summer when it comes to that bod and start sipping the pickle, juice.

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