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This Simple Habit Can Help You Be A Happier And More Successful Person

This counterintuitive habit could help you be more creative and successful, from work to other aspects in your life.

We live in an overworked culture. Having multiple jobs and working hard is something that’s praised and that’s valued over having free time and enjoying other parts of your life. While work is necessary for making money and living, our culture’s obsession with it is a big problem. It makes us feel frustrated, like we’re not as good as other people, while also leaving us exhausted and depleted when adhering to these constricting standards.

We rarely talk about the perks of relaxation. Habits like midday naps, breaks in between tasks, or simply taking a moment for ourselves in the midst of our workday can elevate our moods and help us be more productive in the long run. While not all of us have the accessibility of a bed or a couch during the middle of the day, a large percentage of us can carve out five minutes to chill out.

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What you do during these five minutes it’s up to you, whether you close your eyes and meditate or take deep breaths, but the benefits are all the same; if you use this time to relax and slow down the passage of thoughts in your brain, you’ll likely experience benefits like increased productivity and creativity.

To reap the best possible results, try to take your relaxation time as seriously as you can. Find a space where that’s quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and set a timer for five minutes. Put yourself in a comfortable position, whether you’re sitting or laying down, close your eyes and take deep breaths, focusing on the movement of your body. If you find this challenging, try using a guided meditation app, which can make the process more directed.

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If actively trying to relax isn’t your thing, you can also try daydreaming, giving your head free rein for a moment to think about whatever it wants to think about. Daydreams are usually filled with whatever it is your brain is occupied with, giving you an outlet to process all of your feelings and stressors.

You’ll notice if you have work afterwards or are doing something creative for yourself, whether it’s some writing, painting or drawing, that you’ll likely have some creative solutions and ideas to your problems.


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