Saturday, June 15, 2024

Will Boosting Your Immunity Protect You From COVID?

Many products claim to “boost” your immune system. Is there any truth to these statements, specifically when it comes to protecting yourself against COVID?

Our immune systems have been a much discussed topic throughout the pandemic. Vitamin C supplements have been sold out almost as much as hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies, indicating that we’re all very concerned with staying healthy and strong in the face of the coronavirus.

Now that we know a little bit more about COVID-19, is there an efficient way of building up our immune systems? It’s a complicated topic with a complicated answer.

Despite what some wellness companies would have you believe, it’s scientifically impossible to boost your immune system. “Medically, it doesn’t really make sense – the immune system isn’t a switch that you turn on and turn up high,” immunologist Jenna Macciochi told the Huffington Post.

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Immune systems work by building up a basic defense against a virus or pathogen. After a week or so of exposure, say, to coronavirus, our bodies begin to produce antibodies, which allow us to give a more tailored response to the virus and get rid of it, building up our immunity towards it and helping us get cured.

Photo by William Stitt via Unsplash

This whole system is made more complex by the variances in our DNA, with every person having their own strengths and weaknesses that make them ill suited and resistant to different diseases.

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In order to have a well functioning immune system, the one thing we can do, and that will actually provide some positive results, is to work on our overall health. Keep your drinking under control and avoid smoking. Work out regularly and eat the right kinds of foods, focusing on vegetables that are high in vitamins and fiber. Getting enough sleep and healthy doses of distraction can help you battle stress, which has been linked with weak immune systems.

While it’d be amazing to consume or do something that keeps your immune system in top shape, the topic is much more complicated than that. In order to keep yourself healthy you’re going to have to do the mundane work.


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