Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Brendan Bures

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People Are Choosing Marijuana Over Sleep Aids

A recent study shows that states where marijuana is legal are seeing a decrease in purchases of over the counter sleep medications.

Can CBD Be Used To Enhance Sex?

Marijuana has been known to enhance the sex lives of couples who imbibe before heading into the bedroom, but not every component of the cannabis plant is a powerful aphrodisiac.

5 Of The Most Popular Ways To Take CBD

Here are some tips to help you navigate through several of the most popular ways to take CBD and the nuances that separate them and their effects.

People Keep Turning To Marijuana Lingo To Name Their Pets

Marijuana-themed names like Budder, Dank, and Indica are trending upwards for pet owners nationwide.

5 Uses For Hemp Besides CBD Oil

The fibrous stalks of the hemp plant have countless uses and the seeds are packed with protein. Here are 5 of the top ways that it can be utilized.

Marijuana Does Not Make You Dumber, According to Science

A new twins study found that marijuana use does not lower your ability to complete executive cognitive functioning.


Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Flies To Wrong City For Ohio Rally

Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein was scheduled to give a speech at Capital University in Bexley at noon today, but she wasn't on time. Her convoy made a wrong turn. Like an airplane flying to a...

Michael Phelps Meets His Meme And It’s Amazing

A glitch in the Matrix appeared Thursday night: U.S. swimming god Michael Phelps came face-to-face with his Internet self. Phelps isn’t just an all-time gold-winning Olympian; he’s also an all-time meme. Prior to the 200m butterfly race...

Eleven from ‘Stranger Things’ Can Perfectly Rap Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” Verse

The cast of Stranger Things went on The Tonight Show Wednesday and you might say things got...stranger. With the Netflix series' popularity, it was inevitable they’d end up on performing some hijinks with Jimmy Fallon, and the tiny...

New Jam: “Blood on Me” by Sampha, Your Next Favorite UK Artist

Sampha is an artist you may recognize, but probably never knew his name. Consider Sampha the UK’s more obscure Frank Ocean: A soulful, sensitive crooner who released a captivating, we-need-more project, then subsequently disappeared from the spotlight save...

President Obama Grants Clemency to Grateful Dead Fan Serving Life in Prison

At the age of 25, Timothy Tyler knew where he was supposed to die. He’d never been to prison, but after selling LSD and cannabis to a police informant, he was sentenced to life in prison in...

Pharrell Can Now Add ‘Chef’ To His Long-Ass Resume

What doesn’t Pharrell Williams have his hand in these days? From being a judge on NBC’s The Voice, his Beats One OTHERtone Radio Show, producing films like Dope, and his main gig, creating music, Pharrell is the...