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Wait, Is Anne Hathaway Secretly A Marijuana Enthusiast?

So it turns out that Anne Hathaway might not be so green when it comes to the green. During a special 420 episode of Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen, the Devil Wears Prada actress was asked if she was a smoker or not. Hathaway, who is currently on a press tour to promote her movie Colossal, she answered the question with a perfect non-answer.

Cohen asked the question during a segment called “Plead The Fifth,” where he asks celebrities three questions and they can “Plead the Fifth” to just one. After downing some liquid courage via tequila, Cohen asked Hathaway about her marijuana usage.

“There was a rumor in 2013 that a photo exists and was circulating of you with a massive blunt,” Cohen asked. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a stoner is Anne Hathaway?”

Hathaway responded by delivering a knowing raised eyebrow and smiling wide, the way someone does playfully when they know they’ve been caught. She then said, “Not a little one,” to Cohen’s query.

“But here’s the thing, though,” she said. “I’m a parent and I don’t feel like getting arrested, so I’m going to say zero.”

Hathaway quickly added: “I guess I should’ve just pleaded the Fifth on that one.”

So there you have it. The Devil wears Prada and smokes the green. Hathaway stars in the movie Colossal, where she plays an addicted and addled internet blogger who is forced to move home when her life starts to collapse upon itself. There she reconnects with an old school friend and soon discovers she has the ability to control a massive kaiju-like monster.

The film surprises and is smarter than you perhaps envision from previews. Much more rumbles underneath the surface and Hathaway returns to classic acting form. Alongside Hathaway stars Jason Sudeikis. Considering Sudeikis is a known marijuana enthusiast, we can only imagine how “cloudy” things got on set.

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